The Faroese economy has always been based on fisheries.  Fish production accounts for around 70% of the country’s national income so for many generations, its people have naturally maintained a strong commitment to sustainable fishing practises and careful stewardship of the marine environment.

As one of  the largest exporters of fresh fish and fillets from the Islands, we lead the way in merging the principles of conservation with efficient technologies.  At sea, we employ fishing techniques that target only the strong, healthy and active, and our long-liners were the first day boats in the Faroes to combine on board washing and slush-ice systems.  This results in rapid chilling, which delivers significant improvements in freshness and shelf life, and this is backed by a policy of ensuring that none of our boats stays at sea for more than 24 hours.

At every stage of our operations, we do all we can to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we are now leading the way in introducing re-usable plastic containers in preference to single-use polystyrene boxes, and we continue to look for new opportunities to make ourselves the supplier of choice for all customers who value accountability and sustainability.