Pollock (Pollachius, virens or Gadus chalcogrammus).
Pollock is largely considered to be a whitefish, traditionally a popular source of food in the United Kingdom it has recently been largely consumed as a cheaper and versatile alternative to cod and haddock growing in popularity due to its flavour. The colors of this fish ranges from yellow to pale gray with a silvery body, the younger generation of pollock will have a brighter yellow and darker shade to their exterior and can grow up to 95cm and will have a well-defined lateral line when fully grown.

Can be produced in the following formats:


  • Fillets / Loins / Tails
  • Block / Bits & Pieces / Mince


  • Sealed top retail tray
  • Individually vacum packed
  • IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)
  • Bulk – for further processing
  • Count packs – for Foodservice/Catering Ind.


  • Salted Fillets
  • Salted Loins
  • Salted Migas