Breivoll Marine AS

Breivoll Marine AS  company

Breivoll Marine AS company is one of the best company as we work with Norway farms, UK farms and China farms.
Our main products for trading are: Salmon, Trout and their by-products.
We find and offer only the best products for any of our customers around the world. Our manager is always ready to help you to choose the best Salmon/Trout products 24/7

From the beginning to the dinner table

The newly hatched fry first lives on its yolk sac before it is moved to larger vessels and starts eating feed. It lives in freshwater and grows towards the next phase of life.

The fry goes through a smoltification, becomes a nice and shiny smolt and is ready for a life in seawater. Transport to cages in the sea is done gently in a well boat.

Ready-to-slaughter fish will be transported to your place by any transports

The fish is slaughtered here and then packed for further transport and later processing

Then the fish can be found nationally and internationally at the fish market,in the fresh food counter and finally as a healthy dinner on the table at home.


Fish is one of the last hunted food sources and like all hunted species, is under threat of overhunting. We've worked with Governments and Non-Government Organisations across the world to make sure that there are always plenty of other fish in the sea.
We never buy fish from suppliers that don’t go about their business in the right way. Our fish and seafood always comes from well-managed fisheries and is always responsibly sourced. We don't do business with fishermen or farms that don't live up to our exacting standards.

Have a question? We’d love to help. Send us E-mail


+47 800 18237



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